County finals


Intermediate Final

Oylegate Glenbrien vs Buffers Alley
Live coverage from 12.45 pm

Senior Final

Oulart The Ballagh vs Glynn Barntown
Live coverage from 3.00 pm

Welcome to Wexford Camogie Live. 

Purchase of one of our games will entitle you to the full live stream and access to the recorded version of that game for five days. 

If you find yourself having trouble playing your stream please first try:

1. Refresh the page.

2. Use a different browser eg. chrome, firefox, opera, safari, edge, etc.

3. If buffering is an issue please try a different device or internet source. There will also be a small cog in the bottom right of your live stream window to adjust the quality lower for smoother coverage if your internet is poor.

Or if you experience any technical issues that the above steps do not solve please contact us at our live support email at  wexfordcamogielive@outlook.com