Our goal is to develop and promote Camogie at all levels throughout County Wexford. We want to ensure we help inspire current and future generations and preserve the heritage of our game.


At Wexford Camogie, we envision a world where women in sports are celebrated, empowered, and given equal opportunities to thrive at every level of athletic competition.Β 

Our vision is to be a beacon of inspiration and support for women and girls who dream of pursuing their passion for sports.Β Through our commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment, we aim to foster a culture of respect, fairness, and opportunity within the sports industry.Β 

We envision a landscape where female athletes receive the same level of investment, representation, and support as their male counterparts, enabling them to reach their full potential and make a lasting impact on the world of sports.

Join us on our journey to champion the achievements and aspirations of women in sports, as we work together to create a future where every athlete has the opportunity to shine, regardless of gender.