Player Safety & Helmets

There are two important playing rules relating to player safety in Official Guide Part 2 Playing Rules.

Rule 7.2. Helmet/Facial guard

In all Camogie games and training sessions it is mandatory for all players to wear an approved, i.e. NSAI Standard IS355, helmet with facial guard.

Penalty: If not complied with in Camogie games the Referee will firstly caution the player for dissent. If the player continues to refuse to wear a helmet she will be dealt with in accordance with Rule 41.9(c) for dissent.

Rule 16. Limitations of Liability

These Rules shall not impose on any Referee, Line Umpire, Goal Umpire, Sideline Official, Team Official or Unit any legal duty of care or legal responsibility. Such duty of care shall remain with individual players and, if relevant, parents, guardians or other persons legally responsible for them.

Please note:

A list of helmet providers who supply helmets which meet IS:355 is available on

Any modification of an approved helmet may deem it to be non-compliant with the IS:355 standard.